Bioelements Ltd

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Innovative bio-additives for organic agriculture

Bioelements Ltd produce biostimulants (the 21st century alternative to chemical fertilisers) and animal products for organic farming, including horticulture, agriculture and stock breeding. We do independent and joint research and development in these fields, and have an expert technical team. Feel free to contact us for any advice. We can also tailor our products for you.

Our bedding activators are unique. They are able to:

– eliminate the odour from farm animal manure/droppings, drastically improving the work conditions

– reduce labour costs for manure removal

– significantly improve animal welfare

– provide a ready-to-use detoxified and composted organic fertiliser from the bedding.

Our line of biostimulants will make your soil alive and active, as well as:

– increase the natural smell and improve the taste of the fruits

– extend the storage life of products

– restore the natural balance of microelements in the soil, keeping it fertile for much longer;

– improve the performance and durability of your plants;

Our products are Soil Association certified as organic. They are safe, when used correctly, for humans, animals, plants and the environment and don’t contain genetically modified organisms. Products meet the standards WHO, FAO, JEFCA.